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Virtual reality instruction for dummies. Movies, games, and apps.
Virtual reality instruction for dummies. Movies, games, and apps.

Unfortunately, we cannot keep track of all the technological innovations that appear in our world. It is difficult for a person to adjust to something completely new and unknown to him before.

Experts argue that this is exactly the alignment that is currently happening with the rapidly developing virtual reality. In the shortest possible time, this system has gained immense popularity among users and has achieved impressive development. If the beginning of the development of this technology several years ago bypassed you, you will have time to catch up. After all, the way VR works is not as complicated as it might seem.

Before you buy this development into your home or workplace, you can first test it and find out all the necessary information for downloading its devices.

Where to start getting to know VR? In this article, we will try to give you complete information about the technology of the virtual world. Here you will find many useful tips and tricks.

So what exactly is VR? What is its difference from our usual PCs?

The very mention of virtual reality means a kind of video, image, program, or game with a possible panoramic view of 180 or even 360 degrees. You will be able to experience the full sense of being in the digital world thanks to these technologies.

Quite often, hearing about VR, a person immediately imagines 3D. This technological development is capable of creating the appearance that the image leaks through the monitor, and all the action takes place right in front of the person's face. It's a bit like VR technology. But they went further than projecting illusion. Virtual reality goes beyond monitors, you are completely immersed in the digital space and feel yourself in a completely different environment.

Such a spectacle is more spectacular because no one has seen anything like it before. If, for example, watching a program about the world of animals on Discovery, you simply use 3-D technologies that zoom in and out, then VR can "move" you into the wild jungle, where you can independently explore all the fauna and flora. And all this is possible without leaving your own home! It seems that this is a story from some fantastic work, but in fact, this is our reality.

Not all games or videos can be supported by a virtual reality system, but newer programs that were created specifically with the possibility of VR implementation work just fine. To plunge into the digital world, you need to buy a special headset, at least one of the cheapest (Google Cardboard).

Of course, the virtual reality picture will be different and may lose quality, plus not all programs will suit everyone's taste, but still, of course, it is much more spectacular than the usual 2D technology.

Is it safe to use virtual reality? Is there a chance of getting bruised during virtual walks?

It is believed that using VR is completely safe and can in no way harm your health. At least this applies to adults who are not prone to motion sickness and have no contraindications for using this development. Experts are divided regarding the use of this product by persons under the age of 13. Some people think that it is necessary to limit the use of virtual reality gadgets by children. Even adults who are just starting to use VR are not recommended getting involved in this technology for a long time. You need to know when to stop, and gradually introduce this product into your life.

First, try using digital reality glasses for no longer than a few minutes, allowing your eyes to get used to the new environment. The developers warn that excessive use of a virtual reality headset can affect vision and lead to fatigue. Do not use glasses for more than one hour in a row, or you may start to feel headaches, discomfort in the eyes, or motion sickness. Immediately after removing the gadgets, all negative symptoms will pass, you just have to take a little rest and get used to the "real" world. It is worth remembering the safety rules for using a headset to immerse yourself in the virtual world because if you do not have a through the camera, you cannot control and see what is happening outside VR, you can hit furniture or fall. Fortunately, almost all devices ask for border information before use, this greatly minimizes the chances of getting hurt. Of course, it will be better if the room in which you intend to use VR is spacious enough and does not have a lot of furniture.

How do you choose the unsuitable gadgets? And are some of them really needed?

When it comes to virtual reality gadgets, they are divided into three conditional groups:

● devices that connect to the computer (Oculus Rift and Valve Index)

● mobile gadgets (Samsung Gear VR)

● standalone devices (Oculus Quest).

Also, you can find console gadgets that connect to your PS4.

Devices that are designed to connect to a computer are considered to be of high quality and functional. They support more modes and make you feel fully immersed in the virtual world. Of course, they are quite expensive. They can be connected to a PC using USB and HDMI, and you will need to download special software such as SteamVR or the Oculus app. Usually, the headset comes with special controllers, but not always, it all depends on the manufacturer.

Devices for mobile phones appeared back in 2017, it was then that Samsung invested them in the package when buying a smartphone. The way these devices work is quite simple, you need to connect them to the phone and put them to your eyes. Of course, this does not compare with what you can experience when using a headset with a computer. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to try virtual reality technology for little money.

It is also worth mentioning that there are autonomous gadgets that do not require additional devices, everything that is needed is already built into their system. It is very convenient and quite affordable. The price of such a headset is not very high; a middle-class person can afford it. Such devices have good performance, they practically do not differ from those that are connected to computers. The developed Oculus system allows Quest to connect to PS via Oculus Connect Cable, which is the most convenient.

Immediately after you choose the most optimal device option for you, you should review its characteristics and explore the possibilities that it gives. Pay attention to resolution, the field of view (how much you can see at the same time), frame rate, and how the fixture is tracked.

Are you still looking for a virtual reality device? With an ardent desire to explore the world of VR, you should purchase a complete set of products for the PC. If you just want to look at innovative technology and experience new sensations, then look at the more budget options that also allow you to enjoy the feeling of immersion in the digital world.

What's interesting to see with the VR headset?

An excellent answer to this question would be - Everyone! But, as practice shows, virtual reality devices are used to watch movies, videos, VR exhibitions, as well as games from Oculus and Steam.

You can also use virtual reality devices for your work. You will be able to conduct video calls, online conferences, and meetings in a VR space. There are also special developments that will be useful in the learning stages. For example, simulation of operations, airplane flights, etc.

But of course, most often gadgets with VR are used for entertainment and non-standard leisure activities. The selection of interesting applications and games is large enough for a completely new system, which is good news.

What is the cost of VR apps?

There is no definite answer to this question because each program can ask for its price. There are many free apps from YouTube and Facebook (like Gizmo and Oculus Video). You can also take advantage of the opportunity to play demo games and use VR educational programs. You can have tons of experiences, even from free resources.

But if you still consider paid applications, then their cost will range from $ 10 to $ 60. The developers offer you to use a fairly profitable application and subscribe to services on which you can use any content for a monthly fee. Also, you can buy games and apps for much cheaper on special sites, which often have good discounts on the most popular content.