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VR will become an integral part of video conferencing
VR will become an integral part of video conferencing

While researching the user market, experts concluded that most corporate employees would gladly take advantage of virtual reality capabilities during video calls.

After all, most of them are still not morally ready to return to work in the office, while the quality of video communication leaves much to be desired. The introduction of innovative technologies and VR applications can significantly improve work, help unite the team, and make colleagues feel like a single team. Besides, the proposed designs provide maximum protection against hacking.

According to the sociological data of HTC Vive, the majority of employees working from home do not want to return to their offices, they are not yet ready to return to their usual mode of life. But at the same time, 36% of respondents did not hide their displeasure and fatigue from online calls and video conferences. More than half of the employees agree to implement and test innovative developments for the sake of improving the quality of communication and productivity.

This can be provided by devices with built-in virtual reality. After all, they can establish interaction between employees so that they do not feel any discomfort when working with each other at a distance. To achieve maximum productivity and smooth operation, employees will need to complete a training course on how to use the system. After all, most of them have never used such gadgets and are not familiar with all the features of virtual reality.

Everything is real

The director of HTC EMEA claims that in the modern era of technology, it is impossible to do without VR systems. The corporation has already developed many virtual reality devices and systems that are very popular among consumers. They help people to establish connection and contact without the slightest hindrance, in a more natural environment for perception. Today, many large companies are engaged in introducing innovative systems into their work processes, so that employees do not lose the feeling of working in a team. After all, VR technologies are designed to bring people together and strengthen their connection with each other. Whether it's a simple video call, conference, or online group assignment.

Unfortunately, having so many advantages and opportunities, virtual reality systems are very slowly being introduced into our lives. Not all managers have a clear understanding of this development and the benefits it can bring. Based on research, we can see that 31% of respondents think VR is too expensive. And only just 19% were able to personally experience all the advantages of the system.

Despite all this, in modern realities, we are obliged to try all possible ways of adapting to the current situation in the world. The pandemic has become an impetus for the rapid development and use of ultra-national technologies. Perhaps very soon, virtual reality will become a familiar thing for everyone, which is difficult to live without.