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Tips for those who are planning to purchase an innovative VR system.
Tips for those who are planning to purchase an innovative VR system.

The modern period of active development of virtual systems fell in 2013, this year, a teenager from the United States, Palmer Lucky, independently developed a prototype of future gadgets for creating virtual reality, which is used in the Oculus Rift. A few years later, the guy created a Kickstarter company, which managed to achieve unprecedented success. From that moment, the whole world saw the prospect in the development of VR. Mark Zuckerberg himself became interested in this idea and acquired the Rift company for $ 2 billion.

Since that moment, such tech giants as C HTC Vive have appeared in this niche, which creates a headset for Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Thousands of creators of applications, games, and various programs have begun to introduce virtual reality capabilities into their products. This trend has been picked up by YouTube, which creates 360-degree videos.

Affordable headset

Gear VR

Gear VR made it possible to use the mobile phone as a real screen. This technology was introduced in the presented Samsung gadgets. It can be supported by such mobile phones as Samsung.

Often, when you buy a new phone from one of the Samsung series, you will get the Gear VR in it. But of course, you can always purchase it.

All applications and games will be available thanks to Samsung Oculus Home, the catalog of which is constantly expanding and pleases its users with interesting novelties. It is a perfect VR learning opportunity for Samsung Gear VR owners. Indeed, despite the possibly weak performance of your device, you can plunge into the VR without any problems.

Cost: $ 100 per headset (no phone).

You will also need one of the new Samsung smartphone models.

Ideal for: people who do not want to spend a lot of money to get acquainted with VR technologies, and do not have a desire to be associated with a PC or consoles in the process of using gadgets.

Conclusions: Due to its low price and portability, Gear VR can bring a huge number of buyers who want to experience the world of virtual reality. Besides, the system constantly replenishes the stock of available games and applications in its storage. Unfortunately, this system can be tested with a Samsung mobile phone, and no other. This is perhaps the only negative development.

Cardboard and Daydream

The unique development of Cardboard is the very first virtual reality experiment from Google. All the gadgets were created from plain cardboard, which was a real surprise for everyone.

Google sold the development idea to other companies. Therefore, today there are 13 adaptations of models from Google, the price of which varies from 15 to 70 dollars. It all depends on the configuration, for example, CandyShell Grip includes a protective case for your device.

More and more useful applications appear in the Android and iOS storages. You can find a variety of games, programs for watching movies, and applications that will be useful for work.

In the spring of 2021, information appeared that Google Cardboard, Daydream continues to develop new technologies. Its software will be included in all future Android phones. Devices from Google Daydream View are made of fabric and include special controllers for tracking gestures.

Daydream gadgets will work with world famous services. And companies like Netflix and the like will help spread technology through advertising and film screenings using innovative systems.

Pricing: Google Cardboard pricing will vary by the bundle. The average price of $ 15 to $ 25. Daydream View gadgets with controllers cost $ 79.

Additional purchases: phone based on Android or IOS system. While Daydream View can only function with Google Pixel smartphones so far. But shortly, the Android system will be suitable for this headset.

Target audience: for people who want to get the opportunity to work with BP, without much money.

Conclusions: The development of Daydream View 100 percent will become a real competitor for Gear VR. While Cardboard gadgets will appeal to novice users who are just getting to know VR.