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Since the official launch of the device, HTC VIVE has rebranded the VR VIVE Focus Plus devices for corporations, which have various functions for corporations and their employees in the first place.

The innovative capabilities that have been incorporated into VIVE Focus Plus present operational and safety challenges for companies around the world and raise awareness of practical, safe, and demanding solutions. As part of a device management solution offered by VMware and MobileIron, business leaders will be able to remotely manage apps and digital devices online in real-time.

Recently, the VP of VMware spoke about all the advantages of development, which will be most useful for companies.

He expressed great satisfaction and delight at the opportunity to work with HTC to develop an ideal product with full software management to solve system software problems. Due to the high-quality work of the console (UEM), consumers will not have any problems installing and configuring devices. Users will be able to provide employees with immersive virtual reality with a full effect of presence. Thanks to the quality design of the privacy policy, there is no reason to worry about the disclosure of personal data.

Built-in VPN HTC VIVE today announced that new device control features enable users to connect to the office network using a built-in device solution. 

Dan O'Brien gives a clear explanation of why exactly they came to implement VPN in their virtual reality market devices. He claims that the developers started from the basic needs and wishes of the buyers. Seeing the great demand in all countries, the company decided to go exactly this way for virtual reality products to develop its product. 

VIVE Focus Plus received major updates to its SDK with new fingerprint APIs, pass-through, flexibility, etc. This product can truly become a real breakthrough in the world of innovative technologies and develop the world of inner reality to colossal success.