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 The appearance of the characters in such an application Pokemon Go isn't the only real app that has been added yet. Industries are also using technology and CAD data for staff studying, optimization, and onboarding.

The alternative world is not just a game or entertainment. SDI manager claims that this is a real AR setup that is the result of virtual reality that users can use in the production. As a result, Siemens has a unique exclusion from the AR program to support product videos.

Project manager Eran Nadel knows all this in detail because he is the most successful developer of innovative technologies of our century. Employees are trying to improve the virtual reality system to achieve the maximum sense of involvement in the virtual world using a special headset for a PC or smartphone. This is the main difference between VR and the alternative. VR can completely immerse the user in its world built from digital elements and technologies.

Of course, the main point in the development of virtual reality was the realization of the idea of working for the good of the person. For example, Siemens AssistAR acts as an assistant when performing work and manipulating the gearbox. During such work, the employee first uses an infrared LiDAR camera to recreate a realistic and accurate image of the mechanism and determine its orientation in space. After that, the system specifies detailed steps with all details and sequence of actions.

AR helps to get comprehensive assessments, leads to further standardization. The most important part of the AR approach is asset identification. AR can help an operator find assets technically quickly and easily - a difficult task when it is necessary to identify an institution or a person. Use of VR through mobile devices, tools, etc. The most important thing you can do is get rid of day-to-day problems.

4 main options for introducing technology into production 

In manufacturing and factories, alternate reality can be seen as a successful tool for realizing several possibilities. In the first place, of course, there is an opportunity to improve the quality of work through training employees. An alternative reality will be able to improve productivity and teach employees to work for results and quality.

In second place is the option of disposing of alternative digital technologies as asset identifiers. This function can greatly facilitate the work of employees in finding and distributing objects. Using AR capabilities, employees will be able to find the desired object from thousands of items in a matter of seconds.

Thirdly, it is undoubtedly instant transmission of information and news, thanks to an alternative reality. Quite often, for several reasons, employees cannot visit the site and help with the elimination of any problem. innovative technologies come to the rescue that can move you to the desired place. The employee will be able to see the workflow from afar. Therefore, precisely with the spread of coronavirus infection, the number of purchases of equipment with built-in AR or VR has increased. 

The fourth way to use the presented technology in production can be the establishment of teamwork. 

Users can place virtual devices in the real world to check if they fit into space before spending money and time installing them in real life. Users can also participate in the proposed manufacturing space to see how robots interact with devices, workers, cells, and other environments.

For a long period, developers have been making special containers for mounting machine tools in them for work. It is possible to carry out with the help of robotic technology working with machines developed using CAD/CAM technologies. Robots from Delmia corporation are already ready for operation and are ready to fulfill their direct duties. Their number exceeds a thousand. Company manager Mike Boochley claims that the software is very reliable, efficient, and of high quality, despite all the external ease of use of robots and devices. Of course, development has a certain limit and limitations. Thanks to innovative technologies, a super-quality camera, and gadgets for alternative reality, the company's employees will be able to move to the place of work, where the actual product creation process takes place. He will be able to see the robot at work and control its actions to transfer objects. This all became real thanks to the developed 3D Experience platform. 

Bringing augmented reality technology to life has proven more difficult than planned. 

After all, alternative technologies should have sensors for the overlap of an element in the virtual world, for the superficial layering of a digital object. All this was brought to life thanks to the successfully developed virtual games, which have been at the top of the technological product market for many years. It was the experience that allowed the developers to step further and shift the focus from entertainment to work.

Many developers use in their projects gadgets with built-in cameras and motion sensors (infrared radiation and radar). They are capable of conveying information as well as showing perspective. The system is capable of creating a virtual mesh on real objects and plugins. This, too, was borrowed from the development of computer games and applications with an alternative reality. But Dassault Systèmes decided to go their way. Their systems are capable of making such meshes. and place CAD models on them. The developers try to do all the work in such a way as to minimize all kinds of problems and reduce breakdowns and system failures. Siemens plans to improve the look and feel of augmented reality. 

The corporation has implemented its PLM software into the technology, which works in conjunction with AssistAR, which will make it easy and hassle-free to retrieve data from the system. All information is presented as a complete operating manual, as well as performance reporting. Reading the information will allow the system to create an overlay of digital images and effects. The company made the use of the system available thanks to the JT2Unity application.

The presented method of transferring information via PLM has no analogs in the whole world. It does not require additional studies and improvements at the time of the workflow. 

Preparing info for transfer 

Mandatory preparation steps before using CAD technologies will provide a clear perception of reality and improve the quality of work. After all, the models have a different shape, volume, and weight, which implies the packaging of items regarding their appearance. For this, the program for creating digital effects 3D-modeling Blender is used. Also, it is no secret that CAD models have rather impressive volumes and are often not suitable for some devices of alternative and augmented reality. Sometimes the models are completely inappropriate for production in the real world and vice versa. They are difficult to interact with and accept as real, even with the necessary headset. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the size of the data without damaging the system. In this case, the developers propose to single out one part of the system and work with it fully. 

Not so long ago, the collection and transfer of CAD data were carried out manually, by experts in this field. But today, the world of innovative technologies has moved to a new level of automation, which greatly simplifies the workflow and makes it fast. Engineers create developments based on already known methods used in the gaming field of alternative reality and also introduce new developments. So, applications have been developed that reduce and compress digital shapes. System designers create simple systems that are easy to work with. This includes CAD models with basic lines and surfaces that are programmed to initially calculate dimensions and program the system before starting work. After all, the downsizing of details and sizes of objects can remove important elements. 

Training is also needed to place other graphical data such as metadata or modeling information in graphical information. 

Immediately after all the activities for the preparation of the transfer of CAD information, they can be transferred to the system for creating an alternative reality and modeling. Applications are equipped with 2D and 3D editing systems, digital editors, and scripts to improve system performance. These technologies are capable of creating the most automated work process. Despite this, special skills and abilities are required to create visual effects. Of course, if desired, employees can easily learn all the nuances of this system. For this purpose, the creators of alternate reality systems have created quite affordable applications, with a simple set of tools, to put development into mass production. 

Also, the main developer of Emerson advises to work using the cloud to have access to all data online from anywhere in the world. Today, alternative reality applications are booming. Something new is happening every day in this niche, so we should be prepared for an impressive technological breakthrough in the coming years.