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Investors have the same top seed capital. All one VR Studio raised $ 11 million for 4,000 developers, resulting in a more advanced operating system. All this money will help clients promote virtual reality by getting to know their descendants to the next gadgets generation.

During the spread of the coronavirus, society began to pay more attention to VR technology products. After all, staying at home, doing all activities remotely, people turned to innovative technologies. They began to experiment more and buy various gadgets to simplify life in such a difficult period.

Thus, the corporation has made significant profits from all of this. By this summer, the head of the company plans to raise $ 15 million.

Back in early 2016, the development of VR technology was very slow. To change this situation, Virtuix began to introduce Omni Arena treadmills into people's lives, they placed them in parks and virtual centers. With the advent of covid and the restrictions that followed, everything had to be modernized. Virtuix Corporation began to focus on home gadgets and virtual reality services. A brand new Omni One treadmill was introduced, adapted for the home.

It was not easy for the company to radically change its plans and start new developments. But according to the director of the corporation, they were inspired by the active development of VR and its demand in the market. The developers have had enough time to create the perfect product to satisfy all the needs of the consumers.

Usually, when using VR systems with a regular headset, it becomes impossible to move, but the Virtuix treadmill will allow you to move in any direction. Users will be able not only to see the movement and change of the picture but also to feel everything at the physical level. You will need to walk with your feet in the real world to walk in the VR area.

Compared to previous track models, the updated version is lighter and takes up less space. It is compact and does not require much effort to fold or move. Thanks to this, users will be able to easily perform all movements and exercises.

The development of Omni One is truly unique and a system that will be both rewarding and fun. It is sold already with a standalone VR headset, does not need a computer or cables, it works right out of the box. You get comfortable and maximally simplified interaction.

The main product developer started thinking about the project back in 2010, and in 2013 a company for the production of VR tracks and other systems was already registered. In total, the corporation owns 14 development patents. Thanks to influential investors, the company has $ 30 million.

The company has made 2 million presentations, Omni has been featured in films and is heavily advertised in the media.

Private equity investments, managed by the SEC, allow private companies to sell them to the public. Vertix Reg allows anyone to invest in Vertix and buy shares in the company. The minimum investment amount is $ 1,000. Investors get a good 20% discount (about $ 400,400) when buying technology.

It is planned that shortly, the system will be able to use 30 games, which are developed by the company itself and other brands. All of it for one purpose the company plans to charge $ 1995 for the Omni One.