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The first international market for autonomous vehicle companies GM Cruz will launch the first international multi-taxi service in Dubai. The company will begin testing its vehicles in the UK in 2023 and plans to launch a commercial welcome service soon, although an exact date has yet to be set.

In terms of passenger services, the car will use the original automatic pickup, which was first launched in 2019. The company does not intend to use the Chevrolet, which is currently being used as part of a test car in America.

The original was designed as a conventional vehicle, and its controls in the early stages of production were not related to human movements such as steering or wheels. The cruise plans to expand Dubai to 4,000 vehicles by 2030.

The corporation continues its mission of transforming San Francisco into the largest market for commercial taxi services. The company plans to launch a home business service in 2019.

The cruise ship will be built at the large GMO Detroit-Trump cannery in 2022. In response to the negative impact of the coronavirus on partners' vehicles, the company introduced a series of safety programs designed to keep social distance under control, move freely and arrive on time.

Everyone knows that Cruise is one of the best car manufacturers in the world. In recent years, the company has raised over $ 9.25 billion from major investors such as GM, Microsoft, and many others. The current shipping cost is $ 30 billion.

Dubai, of course, can be the perfect destination for a completely independent cruise ship. By 2030, government cruises plan to use autonomous vehicles as part of travel. Dubai has also invited several urban mobile companies to test the operation of electric vehicles.