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The world-famous corporation announced the release of an ultra-efficient and ultra-efficient industrial tablet in the late spring of 2021. Its working name is AIM-75S.

And it can rightfully be called the best device for the industrial sector. Due to its high resistance to various temperature conditions and the ability to work in extreme situations, the tablet has established itself as a reliable assistant in work. Its OS is Android 10. Today it is one of the best programs that can process information as quickly as possible. It is as secure as possible and comes with several updated interfaces.

The newest tablet, which the corporation presented, is perfectly synchronized with Google, namely with its applications and services. This gadget has been fully tested and tested in 7 stages. In total, more than 2 million checks have been made, which helped to perfectly set it up for work. Its owners can easily use any applications and all available services. Also, the tablet can cover a fairly light menu with a set of necessary programs.

This product is the brainchild of the corporation, for the development of which it began to interact with Qualcomm. This company is famous for developing the most powerful processors and secure software. A powerful and productive tablet with this high productivity can dramatically speed up workflows and ensure reliability. The tablet size is 8-inches. His areas of expertise include medicine, sales, and routing. Thanks to this development, companies will be able to reduce the cost and cost of eliminating errors that ordinary workers make, because it is equipped with a special barcode reader that can calculate and collect all the necessary information that will be useful for error-free production. In total, the device can work continuously for a 12-hour shift. And for the process of work to take place without interruption, the developers made it possible to connect a wireless charger to it. This way firms will be able to significantly reduce downtime and recycling.

It is the AIM-75S that once again shows that the company does not lag behind its competitors in terms of new developments and is a leader in its niche. It is this tablet that has all those qualities and capabilities that are still inaccessible in other models and other companies. The developers give a 100% guarantee that the gadget device will work smoothly and only for the benefit of users. All efforts will be devoted to improving the quality of work and productivity.

This gadget will be able to remain safe and sound even after falling from 1.20 meters because it is equipped with an innovative degree of protection. It can be purchased along with the accessories. This includes expansion modules, docking stations, headphones, and more. These accessories and add-ons will help you customize your tablet perfectly for each customer. He will be able to perform exactly those functions that are necessary for you.