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The pandemic has completely changed our lives. The space of our whole life is changing, communication between us. Minimizing contact between people is not enough for protection, and video communication is not suitable for full and effective communication with blunts. As a result, it turned out that those systems and applications that were used only for important work entered our daily life. The development of technology has accelerated due to the pandemic and has laid the foundation for future advances, including the increasing use of real-time learning and leisure tools.

 Virtual Reality 2021

 Real-time user sharing. In 2021, this feature will become increasingly fragmented and fully developed. Supporters of virtual worlds point out that their computer is critical and that it is necessary to pump all their gadgets and buy the necessary devices. On the other hand, you can do without such strong costs if you want to be content with only minimal VR capabilities but satisfy all the necessary needs. In addition to these investments, we limit ourselves to simple solutions to the latest developments in the field of computer graphics, which are offered in both hardware and software. The separation is due to the user himself, and from time to time both the workplace and the needs of the user.

 Full immersion in virtuality.

 2020 has been a good year for the graphics market and Ray Tracing is expected to launch new programs in the second half of this year. The real-time video will be improved in real applications, as well as the picture itself. Application developers and other game users create commemorative and sports grants like no other.

 All-in-Two Integrated Development

 Smartphones today have processors with a lot of processing power. They are versatile assistants when you are in the virtual reality structure. For this reason, the production and use of the All-in-Two system will increase, and this figure will increase very soon. For example, these are lightweight glasses for connecting and sharing on a smartphone, as well as those that use smartphone graphics and the computing power of virtual reality to create the world. The idea of ​​creating such technology has existed for a long time, so the development firms are working more closely with Qualcomm Morbi - the best company in the creation of technical equipment and processors in the first place. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration, the VIVE Wave platform should be developed soon. In this way, effective 5G could form the basis for the sets of new systems required for powerful smartphones to operate. They lay the foundation for new treatments, the kind that people can do on a smartphone or PC.

 Virtual application

The virtual reality market will grow. In 2021, virtual reality technology will take a new step. The forecast for 2020-2025, taking into account the virtual reality industry, is estimated at $ 10 billion by the end of the period from 2025, according to a study by the world's leading developer provider Cor.