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To date, it became known that Apple is fully engaged in the development of the innovative iPad Pro, which will have the ability to conveniently charge wirelessly. The new gadget can be purchased as early as 2022.

To make the transition to wireless charging, the company's developers will replace the aluminum case used earlier in the production of models with a glass one. Only then will iPad users be able to use wireless charging.

In addition, the company is conducting a MagSafe for iPad Pro study. In the future, it is planned to use magnets on the iPad, like in the latest generation iPhone, which will allow you to attach the device to MagSafe. These magnets will be located under the glass wall of the gadget. Perhaps connecting this type of charging will take longer than connecting to the Internet. This model will also work with Thunderbolt to be able to use the standard battery charge.

Also, the corporation is studying reverse wireless charging, which will allow you to charge other devices, simply by touching them to the iPad panel.

The corporation says it is still thinking about the concept of the AirPower system, which was announced several years ago but not released. It can allow you to charge several devices at once on one device, in the form of a minimalistic rug.

In addition to working on the above projects, the corporation is developing improvements to the iPad mini as well as other ultra-new models that will surprise consumers with their capabilities. They will be available for purchase this year.

Information about the appearance of new Apple devices first began to appear before the spring official announcement of the company's new products. But in fact, the corporation only announced the release of the iPad Pro 2021 with the M1 chip.

Keeping in mind that the iPad mini was last improved 2 years ago, it is likely that the company will release an improved model of this gadget. Insiders say that it will be thinner and more productive, and the developers will also completely remove the "Home" button.