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An innovative VR system called - back passage makes it possible to see the presence of a person next to you, as well as to examine his gaze, even though a headset for virtual reality. For several years, the world-renowned corporation Facebook has been developing a new system for improving VR, which will create the effect of "social co-presence". This development will help to reduce a certain detachment of the VR user from real vision and will allow you to keep track of those who are in the real world. This will be possible thanks to a three-dimensional reality system and a method for tracking living physical objects.

For a long time, the corporation has been developing and improving Passthrough +, as well as a trial Passthrough API - functions for it. Thanks to this development, users could see the world around them, wearing a special headset with built-in sensors and cameras over their eyes. This system is called reverse end-to-end VR. This technology also enables people who are near the VR user to see the person's eyes, even though special glasses, which he is. You no longer need to use special displays or headsets for this.

Now, a person who does not use any gadgets for VR will be able to observe the eyes of a person immersed in the virtual world. The 3D model of the eyes will be visible thanks to the light field display with microlenses attached to the central part of the VR glasses. Such a system works online and displays eye movement, blinking, and gaze direction of the VR user who is using the headset. Facebook notes that all experiments started with a simple experiment with a 2D screen, which showed a picture in the form of a user's face. But it looked not at all qualitative and not believable. Therefore, the corporation continued to experiment in this area.

After a series of tests, improvements, and additions, the system took on a completely different look. Thanks to innovative optical technologies, updated software, and the development of programmers, the application has taken on a proper look. First of all, this is the merit of the 3D display, which makes the picture clearer and more realistic. The eyes of a person immersed in VR are placed and shown most realistically. A person will be able to see the real gaze of a gamer, at the right angle and with accurate color reproduction.

It is certainly too early to talk about the full launch of the system and the release of this technology because it is at the stage of improvements and testing. The effects and the picture that the user sees in front of him need to be improved. Also, this development needs more powerful software and modern upgraded PS. This is what slows down the release of this VR technology to the masses. It should be ideal, without a single flaw. Users will have to wait to truly enjoy the impressive system changes and admire the new advances in science and programming.