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A world-renowned technology equipment and systems company has unveiled the idea of using virtual and augmented reality to train Camden Fairview students. The program aims to promote the workforce system that the AIA deals with. It is focused on developing the practical skills of the students of the state so that they achieve maximum success in their chosen field and are ready for real work. It will give them the chance to get the job they want and quickly navigate their current workflow. AR and VR systems provide an opportunity to experience invaluable experience and emotions.

The head of the Be Pro Be Proud program claims that the use of the developed system helps future professionals to rapidly advance in training and complete the course much faster than in the standard model.

Students who have completed the designed training course with virtual reality receive the best high-paying jobs and prestigious positions.

The Be Pro Be Proud workshop trailer, which reaches 78 feet, has a double extension, 12 digital stations are connected to his system, which includes AR and VR applications. All this becomes valuable for the high-quality training of future specialists.

More than 100,000 people from more than 300 cities have already visited the company's portable studio. A total of 571 tour stops have been made since the start of the campaign.