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False news and false sayings have always served as another weapon of mass destruction during times of war. It is yet another political maneuver that is growing at an incredible rate thanks to modern technology and systems. Indeed, now the transfer of information has become even more accessible and faster. In just a few seconds, you can share any news to any corner of the world where communications are connected, and it does not matter if this information is reliable. New streams of information surround people at every corner. And here comes the challenge of eliminating and controlling information flow thanks to innovative developments. Is it possible?

There is a fraction of the likelihood that the creation of innovative technologies will help solve this problem.

Many organizations are engaged in the development of special analysis databases and the creation of a new, life-like machine learning language for detecting, analyzing, and eliminating bad news. The whole point of the work is to reduce the likelihood of unverified news blocks appearing on people's monitors. There is a study of all information and its distribution from 100 percent reliable and not confirmed.

Redisplay effect

Following the logic, a person is more susceptible to believing in the information that often appears in his eyes and flashes more than once in the news feed. Therefore, innovative technologies try to find and identify the wrong news to prevent its further promotion. This is what can help to overcome the misconception in social networks. But still, it cannot be said with certainty that innovative technologies and artificial intelligence will be able to protect the user from lying on the network. This is due to the inaccuracy of assessing the content of the text itself. After all, technology can learn news based only on practical characteristics.

 It is likely that with proper preparation of the system, settings, and data systematization, it will be possible to distinguish real news from fiction. But, in fact, at the moment, AI cannot adequately assess all the subtleties of information, it cannot correctly perceive political, psychological, and other aspects. Innovative technologies cannot perceive all this due to insufficient development of the way of processing the language.

Plus, an untrue text can be drawn from such an angle that the system will not be able to recognize a lie in it.