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Developers looking for a unique Linux-based working platform may want to know that the startup Simulavr has created a standalone VR headset. The standalone VR headset has been named "Simula One" and is not intended for gaming but rather for programmers, software developers - in fact, anyone who uses Linux in their work.  

 At this point, the company has announced the main features and demonstrated a prototype of the Simula One. Of course, the Magnavox Odyssey has a unique retro-atmosphere feel, supposedly inspired by early computers like the Atari 2600 and Apple II.

But we don't have all the information about the Simulator yet. The headset is said to come with a removable x86 computing package that houses a pre-installed open-source SimulaOS VR manager that can be installed and run on SteamVR headphones such as Valve Index and HTC Vive Pro.

 Simula One is also said to include hand gesture tracking with UltraLeap, a deconstructed AR mode so you can keep track of everything around you, and more. 

 Allegedly, the developer plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the headset in February 2022. Perhaps we'll learn more about Simula One functionality and pricing, as well as product updates, displays, and the headset within the near future.

 Undeniably, the Simula One appeals to a fairly small group of VR users with its hardware-centric approach. Nevertheless, the promise of a standalone VR headset that initially took Linux out of the box is quite a surprise. Beyond using the command line to keep working in VR, developers will be interested in seeing what they can do with it.