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The Shanghai Pudong District Prosecutors Office started testing an AI system for formulation of criminal offenses, replacing its human counterparts in limited aspects and not authorized to formulate formal legal proceedings but with 97% accuracy rate nonetheless--a world record! The e-prosecutor is a new AI for the justice system that can be used to analyze evidence and identify crime patterns. It works very accurately, helping rank crimes by severity to determine how dangerous criminals are so as not let them get away with their misdeeds; but it's still an artificial intelligence without full capabilities of analyzing all data on its own - which must first undergo a translation into something machine-understandable before any conclusions could potentially be drawn from said information.

The new AI can identify the eight most frequent crimes in an area, such as theft and credit card fraud. It was trained to search for information on these acts by identifying words related to them through its speech recognition skills - human beings are not capable of doing so because we cannot understand what it means when only sounds come out (words). The system has been programmed with data that range from police confrontations or reckless driving all way down into political dissent; however, there's one issue left unanswered: who will be held liable if something goes wrong? As long as there is no clarity, no one will trust the AI to formally formulate accusations, but no one is stopping them from gaining useful experience.

The first country to create a prosecutor with AI was China, but it may not be long before others try their hand at this as well! Competition among nations vying to see which one can build up its legal system using AIs or MLS will only increase.

 Technology has made it possible to fight crime with an algorithm, not endless court sessions.