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Apple's VR/AR mixed reality headset may have to wait a little longer. According to a leak of new information from the company's employees, the release of the long-awaited headset could be delayed until 2023 due to several technical issues. Sources say the device was supposed to be unveiled during June's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, followed by an official launch this fall. But due to recent mishaps, the company may postpone the announcement to a later date. Information about developing a potential mixed reality headset at Apple first surfaced in 2018. Since then, word has emerged that the device would feature a dual 8K ultra-high-definition display with built-in eye tracking, 12 hand-tracking cameras, an interchangeable headband, and multiple controller options.

According to sources, the headset has been in development since 2015 and should replace the iPhone in the next ten years. Unfortunately, it looks like users will have to wait until next year to purchase this much-anticipated device. The same sources say that Apple will have vendors ready to launch in spring 2023, and next year's developer conference will focus on VR and AR apps for the headset.

The company is also reportedly working on more advanced AR glasses, which will allegedly be unveiled right after the mixed reality device is disclosed. In April 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed that AR would be "critical" to the company's future, saying he sees AR evolving in some of these areas using the phone.

The upcoming iOS 16 update will reportedly lay the groundwork for the future release of the mixed reality headset, meaning an official announcement could be just around the corner. The latest update, codenamed "Sydney," is expected to be released on iOS devices as early as this summer.

Although Apple appears to support VR/AR technology, the company has little interest in creating its own meta-universe, and its focus will be on providing quality content. Since Facebook announced the move to Meta, we've seen many different companies, organizations, and public figures show interest in the burgeoning meta-universe. However, Apple remains on the sidelines. For now.